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Curriculum, Learning & Teaching at Heritage House


Heritage House School is organised into three departments: First School (2-9 years); Middle School (9-14 years) and Senior School (14-19 years).   The focus of the First School is on embedding the foundations of learning through play,  The Middle School focuses on learning for independence.  The Senior School seeks to prepare learners for adulthood and life beyond Heritage House. 


To support parents' understanding of learning at Heritage House and to promote learning at home and partnership with the school, a Curriculum Workshop is arranged in each of the three departments of the school each Autumn Term.  We encourage all parents to attend these sessions to gain a greater insight into their child's educational experiences at school.  In addition, there are opportunities to find out more about learning at Heritage House in the September Meet Your Child's Class Team meeting, Spring Term Annual Review Meetings and termly Teacher-Parent and Multidisciplinary Consultations.


To assist planning for life beyond school, each Spring Term we hold an annual Transitions Fayre when we invite a wide range of post-school providers to come along to the school and meet with parents and pupils.  This is also a time for parents to meet with other parents who have negotiated the transition from school to college, adult social care and voluntary and charity sector provision.


The school's Curriculum, Learning and Teaching and Assessment policy provides more information about the school's educational philosophy and practices.