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Pupil Progress and Achievement 2016 - 2017

Assessment of Learning

At the end of each term a judgement is made by class teachers as to whether each pupil has met or is still working towards a termly learning focus in each of the seven areas of learning.  This information is then analysed at different levels - pupil, class, department and whole-school - and in different contexts, specifically pupil groups and in the seven areas of learning.


The robustness of this assessment of learning process lies in its underpinning methodology :

  • termly triangulation of evidence - pupil achievement, lesson observations, learning walks, learning scrutinies, external reviews, other sources of evidence
  • termly moderation of teacher judgements
  • termly pupil outcomes report
  • internal and external scrutiny and validation of termly pupil outcomes report
  • performance reviews linked to pupil outcomes


Pupil Achievement and Progress 2016 - 2017

During 2016-2017 there has been an improving term on term trend of pupils meeting or exceeding termly targets that have been set for them by their class teachers.  Approximately 78% of termly learning targets have been met or exceeded by pupils at the end of the summer term while for those pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant, approximately 82% of pupils have met or exceeded termly learning targets. 


There are a number of actions we will be taking in 2017 - 2018 to further improve learning outcomes for pupils :

  • An expectation that pupils will consistently meet at least 80 % of the termly learning targets that are set for them
  • The curriculum for each department reviewed to ensure the whole-school curriculum meets the needs of all learners, with a particular focus on :

     Literacy, Mathematics, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World;

     Learning Pathways in the Senior School;

     The more able;

     Pupils with autism; physical and neurological impairments; and profound and multiple learning difficulties

  • Implementation of a revised assessment policy to ensure the robustness of assessment methodology and a rigorous approach to assessment processes
  • Introduction of a Twelve Stage Assessment Scale - supported by Classroom Monitor - to better capture the small steps in pupils' learning, to further improve the termly learning focus for pupils and to support the improved analysis of pupil achievement and progress in the seven areas of learning
  • Introduction of termly pupil progress meetings to ensure increased scrutiny of teachers' judgements and to strengthen the triangulation of learning outcomes for pupils, moderation of teachers' judgements, learning and assessment processes and teaching standards
  • For pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant, the introduction of a termly outcomes report by the school's Communication Assistant and Music Therapist, together with one termly case study per department to provide evidence of the impact of this additional financial resource