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Safeguarding Statement

We understand our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare and wellbeing of children and young people in our care and those who work in the school. Through our work we aim to ensure a safe learning and working environment for pupils, staff and visitors alike.  We take our responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and child protection very seriously. Where there are safeguarding concerns, staff communicate this to the school's Designated Safeguarding Leads by a Child Protection / Welfare Concern form.  Access to the school site is closely monitored.  All adults who come into contact with our children and young people, including visiting professionals, are appropriately checked.  Additionally, all staff and governors are required to complete a Staff Disqualification Declaration.


Employees of external organisations are requested to provide a Letter of Assurance from their employer. Our recruitment procedures follow 'Safer Recruitment' guidelines. Staff receive regular training and updates on their professional responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and child protection.  In addition, the school works very closely with other professionals to ensure our children and young people are kept safe.


All visitors must enter the school site via the School Office where they will be asked to sign the Visitor's Book and issued with a colour coded Visitor's Badge  and a copy of the school's Safeguarding Leaflet.


Green          Parents

Yellow         Education professionals

Pink             Health and Social Care professionals

Blue             Contractors

Orange        Governors

While          All other visitors


Contractors are supervised by premises staff when they are working at the school and are required to wear a Hi-Vis jacket so that they are easily identifiable.


There are occasions that our concern about a child may mean that we have to consult other agencies.  Unauthorised absences from school, for instance, may be referred to partner agencies such as Buckinghamshire County Council's Children's Social Care, Special Educational Needs or Children Missing in Education teams. Whilst we would always aim to work in partnership with parents there may be exceptions to this when concerns are raised for the protection of a child.


On very rare occasions Buckinghamshire County Council Social Care colleagues, whilst undertaking an investigation under s47 of the Children Act 1989, may want to speak to a child without parents’ knowledge. This would be a decision made in collaboration with partner agencies and would only be done in situations where a child might be at immediate risk. To gain consent at this point may increase the level of risk to the child or cause evidence of a crime to be lost.


The procedures which we follow have been laid down by the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB), and the school has adopted a Child Protection Policy in line with this for the safety of all.


The Headteacher, James Boylan, is the school's Designated Safeguarding Lead.  He is assisted by Jacqueline Clearkin,  Deputy Headteacher and Julie Golding Clarke, Assistant Headteacher, who are the school's  Additional Designated Safeguarding Leads.


One of the three Safeguarding Leads is always available to discuss safeguarding concerns.


Safeguarding Children and Young People in Buckinghamshire


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