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Multidisciplinary Therapy Team

Multidisciplinary Therapy Team

The multi-disciplinary (MDT) team in Heritage House school consists of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, MDT assistants, teachers and learning coaches. All members contribute towards learners’ personalised planning and outcomes.


Occupational Therapy

The Sensory Smart Child Ltd is an independent children’s therapy practice, specialising in occupational therapy for children with sensory processing disorder and neurological and developmental delay. Since February 2012 The Sensory Smart Child Ltd has been commissioned to develop and provide the occupational therapy service within Heritage House School. 

Occupational therapy input in school includes assessment reviews, activity programmes, sensory diets, advice, support and blocks of weekly or fortnightly sessions, in a small group or individually, with an occupational therapist or MDT assistant, as deemed appropriate by the school occupational therapist and class team. Input may also include assessment, provision and monitoring of specialist seating and manual handling equipment when required.


Our learners living in Buckinghamshire receive physiotherapy input, if they meet criteria for the service, as outlined on individual EHCP plans.


The Sensory Smart Child Ltd is commissioned to provide the physiotherapy service for our learners living outside of Bucks and to provide hydrotherapy to any learners, as deemed appropriate by the physiotherapist. 


The physiotherapist and MDT assistants help children and young people who have

difficulty with movement, treating short and long-term conditions that impact on physical

development, activity and the ability to participate in play, learning and socialising. This may include the provision of specialist equipment and orthotics to support their development and function. 


Speech and Language Therapy

At Heritage House school, we employ a speech and language therapist and also commission speech and language therapy services from Autism Early Support, a charity that specialises in providing intervention for autistic children and those with communication difficulties. The speech and language therapists work in collaboration to jointly develop and deliver the speech and language therapy communication service within Heritage House School.

Speech & language therapists facilitate professional development for school staff in creating and developing communication opportunities across all the school’s provision. Speech & language therapists and the teaching team around each learner work collaboratively to assess, report on & provide learning focus for them based on their needs.


The speech & language therapy communication service in school includes visits into learning provision to offer advice regarding interventions and progress.


Apex Ability Ltd is an independent practice that provides high quality speech and language therapy services for people with a wide range of communication and/or eating, drinking, swallowing and feeding needs. Apex Ability Ltd has been commissioned to develop and deliver the paediatric dysphagia service within Heritage House School.


The speech and language therapy dysphagia service in school includes feeding assessments, feeding plans, feeding plan reviews, and staff training, to support our learners with eating, drinking, swallowing and feeding needs, as provided by a specialist speech and language therapist trained in paediatric dysphagia.