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Progress and Performance


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Performance and Progress

Attainment on entry is generally very low, with all pupils performing within the P Levels (working significantly below the age related expectation for Year 1).

The school has a well established commitment to the robust assessment and tracking of pupil learning.

The school has adopted a new assessment and tracking system and has developed its function over the past year.



KS2 Progress 2017-18

Due to their level of learning difficulties no pupils in this cohort achieved age related expectations at the end of KS2.

Due to the very small cohort of pupils no comparative progress data can be published. 


16-18 Progress

In 2017-18 all pupils remained at school until the end of year 14.

Of the 9 leavers at the end of 2017/18 academic year, 7 moved on to further education, 1 moved to social care provision, and 1 learner due to medical illness was supported by Social Care.