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Senior Leaders

Headteacher Jacqueline Clearkin


Middle Leaders

Phased Lead First School                                             

 Linette Snyman                                                    

Phased Lead Middle School

Emily Andrews

Phased Lead Senior School

Sky Gregory

PMLD Lead Whole School

Carolyn Macnab        


Our Class Teams


First School


Robin Class



Learning Support Assistants Jean Cull
Sylvia Von Hahn           


Starling Class 

Teacher Linette Snyman                                                                                                                 
Learning Support Assistants Jeanette White
Sophie Snowdon
Simroun Akhtar
Jayne Freeman



Goldfinch Class

Learning Support Assistants Jeanette White
Sophie Snowdon
Simroun Akhtar
Jayne Freeman


Firecrest Class 

Learning Support Assistants Jeanette White
Sophie Snowdon
Simroun Akhtar
Jayne Freeman


Middle School


Kestrel Class

Teacher Emily Andrews
Learning Support Assistant Rachel Wyatt


Woodpecker Class

Teacher Alistair 
Learning Support Assistants Sharon Matthews


Jay Class

Teacher Carolyn McNab                                                                                                           
Learning Support Assistants
Andrea Styles

Kate Dugan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Jennie Reynolds 

Senior School - Sky Gregory



Teacher Sky Gregory
  Tracey Pickering

Debbie Ryan

Karen Ramsay



Teacher Deidre Jones
Learning Support Assistants Violetta Carossca
Shane Kerslake
Sadia Mehpara



Teacher Sophie Giddings
Learning Support Assistants Sue Hancock
  Molly Pollard
  Katherine Lurcraft


Teachers, HTLA and Coaches 

PE Teacher and

Rebound Coach

Sarka Viehoff     
HLTA / Sensory Room Lead Karen Selby
Swimming Coach Debbie Starling                       
Swimming Coach Assistant Jen


Outdoor Play Leads

First School


Middle School  Rachel
Senior School                  

Simba Mika


Vocational Area Job Coaches

Vocational Lead (for learners aged 14-25)

Sharon Forgan                                

Job Coach (The Potting Shed Cafe) Simba Mika
Job Coach (Construction)  Building Zone - Russell, Paul and Charlie
Job Coach (Horticulture) Sharon Forgan  



Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Lead  Sky Gregory
Communication Assistant Lissie Minnitt                                             
Speech and Language Therapy (NHS)

Theresa Drake

Jennie Stolla

Occupational Therapy (Sensory Smart Child Ltd) Tayla Watson

Physiotherapy (NHS)

Physiotherapy Assistant (NHS)

Physiotherapy (Sensory Smart Child Ltd)

Sarah Beasley

Alison Rance

Susie Cox

Horticulture Therapy Sharon Forgan
Music Therapy Laura Spencer


Family Liaison

Family Advocate Sarah O'Donnell


Administration and Finance Team

School Business Manager Shastha Bibi
Administration Assistant Tracey Walker


Estates Team

Estates and Facilities Manager  
Assistant Caretaker Mark Wager
Caretaker Assistant Paul Lawrence


Midday Supervisor Team

Servery Assistant - First and Middle School Angela Dawson
Servery Assistant - Senior School  Monika Furman
Midday Supervisors Lorna Masan
Sadia Iqbal